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Can Physical Therapy Help Work Injuries?

A contractor suffering from an injury during work
September 13, 2022 shipinform No Comments

Can Physical Therapy Help Work Injuries?

Occupational illnesses are caused by repetitive motion and falling objects. Equipment and work environment play a role as well. These factors affect workers’ health and physical function, resulting in a large number of injuries. Physical therapy is often required to address the issues that result in injuries and illnesses.

Occupational Illnesses

Occupational therapy helps to strengthen muscles and improve mobility and range of motion. It can be done through a variety of different techniques, including focused exercises and stretching. Physical therapy is also helpful for strengthening motor skills and relieving discomfort. In addition to these physical benefits, La Clinica occupational therapy can also help with certain muscle strains and sprains (esguinces musculares) associated with occupational illnesses.

Patients who suffer from COVID often experience debilitating fatigue and energy loss. In addition to improving symptoms, occupational therapy helps patients learn to conserve energy and recognize the signs of an impending heart attack. These skills can help patients return to an active lifestyle and be productive members of society.

Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion injuries, also known as cumulative trauma injuries or repetitive stress injuries, are very common among workers. They can be just as debilitating as sudden specific injuries, often leaving workers unable to do everyday tasks. Whether you are suffering from these symptoms now or are experiencing them later, it is important to get the right treatment.

Repetitive motion injuries are caused by stress on a person’s muscles and tendons. The repetitive motions can cause the tendons and ligaments to become strained, leading to pain and loss of function. The symptoms of repetitive motion injuries can vary from a mild ache to numbness, clumsiness, and decreased range of motion.

Falling Objects

There are several different types of injuries that can occur at work due to falling objects. Some are minor, while others can lead to a serious condition like a slipped disc. Some can even be so severe that they require amputation. Workers with these types of injuries will need help to learn how to perform everyday tasks again, and physical and occupational therapy can help them recover.

Occupational and physical therapists provide treatment that is tailored to work injuries. They evaluate patients’ strength, balance, and mobility to develop an individualized treatment plan based on the exact causes of their injury. This treatment will also educate patients about safer methods of performing their jobs, which can prevent future injuries.

Equipment and Environment

The role of equipment and environment in physical therapy for work injuries is not only about rehabilitation. It can also improve a patient’s physical safety. Specialized devices can make a patient more comfortable and safe. These types of equipment may include wheelchairs and specialized lifts. They may help a patient recover faster and minimize long-term effects.

In general, injury-causing activities can be prevented through a combination of equipment and training. Studies show that movement and patient handling are linked to a significant portion of injuries in PT and OT. The effectiveness of equipment and environment interventions will depend on the population served, as well as the practice setting.

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